• Applying for a home loan is time consuming and choosing a home loan to suit your needs can be confusing. Our mortgage brokers are with you through every step of the process. We take the time to understand your short and long term needs, we calculate your borrowing ability we review our panel of lenders to recommend a loan for you and then we complete all of the paperwork and are the go to between with the bank or lender. We take all the stress out of it for you and make moving, refinancing or investing calm and exciting for you!

  • Our credit guide provides an overview of our services, fees and commissions, Please refer any questions to your Clover Financial Solutions broker.

  • A mortgage broker acts as your representative when dealing with mortgage lenders. They review your specific needs, makes a recommendation on a loan which suits those needs and then act on your behalf to complete the loan application and provide advice pre and post the application approval. Clover Solutions mortgage brokers assist you to manage your mortgage needs which may include new loans or refinancing. We have the technical resources, knowledge and expertise to offer you the level of lending advice on which home loan and have a panel of over 30 Lenders.

  • With so many different products on the market it makes it hard for most people to determine which loan to choose and if it will suit your needs. A Clover Financial Solutions Mortgage Broker can help you determine what is really important to you, and find the loan that suits your situation. We organise the application for you, and see it through until it settles, saving you time by dealing with the lender for you and keeping you informed every step of the way. Little things make a big difference in home loans, and changes happen every day. Our ongoing training and software allows us to keep up to date, and our relationships with the lenders often allow us to negotiate on your behalf so you get a great deal.

  • Clover Financial solutions Brokers have obtained a Diploma of Financial Services (Mortgage Broking) and have over 20 years of experience in the financial and Brokering services. Clover Financial Solutions are members of Professional Lenders Association Network (PLAN Australia) and theMortgage Industry Association of Australia.

  • Banks and lenders work with brokers because we give them a channel of distribution for their product without the overheads. The lender pays Clover Financial Solutions a commission via PLAN Australia. Just as if you were dealing directly with the bank, the commission we are paid does not change the loan rates or fees on your home loan.

  • Choosing the right type of loan can be confusing. Clover financial solutions will advise you on the right type of loan to suit your needs. 

  • What does it cost to buy a home? Aside from the price of the home, you will need to pay Government Stamp Duty, land transfer duty, mortgage insurance (usually if you are borrowing more than 80% of the property value), application fees and fees for your conveyancer or solicitor. You can work out the Government fees on our calculator but mortgage insurance can vary between loans, so call us and we can help you work out these additional costs. We might even be able to add them on to your loan. We use our expertise and experience to find a fabulous fit for you! Let Clover Financial Solutions do your loan shopping for you and take the hassle out of your home loan.

  • People usually want to change loans when they are refinancing or consolidating their debts. Typically they are refinancing to:

    • Borrow more money to renovate, invest or for business
    • Consolidate separate loans (car, personal, business, credit cards)
    • Take advantage of lower priced loans or better structured loans in the market
  • Changing loans can reduce repayments and time from your loan, even where there is a cost to change. You need to balance the cost to change with the long term benefits of lower rates and fees or greater flexibility. Apart from discharge fees, some loans do have exit penalties or deferred loan establishment fees. If you currently have a fixed loan or your loan had some kind of up-front rate discount or very low interest rate, there will probably be exit fees. Costs to change could be minimal in some circumstances, especially if the new loan is with the same lender and the amount is the same, with minimal structural changes.

  • Your Clover Financial Solutions Mortgage Consultant can help you by comparing your current home loan with the thousands of loans we have available. We also talk to you to find out what you really need from a home loan – not just what your bank thinks you should have! With so many options available, talk to Clover. We use our expertise and experience to match you to a loan that suits your needs. Let Clover Financial Solutions do your loan shopping for you and take the hassle out of your home loan.

  • You can save significant amounts of stamp duty if you chose to build your home rather than buy an existing home, as stamp duty is payable on vacant land value rather than land plus improvements.


  • A construction loan is different from a normal home loan because it can be drawn in stages rather than a lump sum at settlement. These stages are in line with the stages of construction. Most lenders only ask you to pay interest on the amount you draw down. For instance, if you have borrowed $300,000 for a house and land package, but have only drawn down $125,000 to pay for the land, you only pay interest on the $125,000. It is important to know how much you can borrow before you commit to purchasing land or signing a building contract.

  • Do you dream of a new kitchen, more space, even a new sunroom or playroom to give your growing family more space. Clover Financial Solutions offer a number of financial solutions to keep your finance simple, and give you access to the cash you need to get the home you want.

  • Running or starting a business is exciting! It comes with its own challenges as well, and sometimes you need a little extra help. The only real difference for a self-employed borrower to that of a PAYG borrower is that it’s more difficult for a bank to work out whether you can afford to meet your mortgage repayments into the future. It is a legal responsibility of a lender to make sure that a borrower can afford the repayments a bank can’t just rely on the security of the house, so that’s why looking at your financial position is still important and if you are self-employed, you may not have all of the usual documentation that is required to apply for a home loan. Clover Solutions can still help achieve your dream of becoming a home owner or property investor.


  • There are many challenges facing Australian Businesses and it can be hard to maintain your cash flow while you are investing in a business expansion.  Clover Financial Solutions is able to organize business and commercial finance including equipment leases and business cash flow.  If you are self-employed and have complex financial needs we can help. Clover Solutions has great relationships with both the traditional and non traditional lenders so no matter what your business needs are we can help your business to thrive. 

  • ‘there is a number of things you can do with your exisiting lending, including top up, product switches… etc’