Clover during COVID

We are still business as normal(ish)!

Like every local business in Victoria, we are adapting to the strange circumstances we have all found our selves in! Our team are still here and working from home.

We have seen more first home buyers than ever before taking advantage of the incentives. The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, stamp duty concessions, First home owners grants and building incentives If you have a child looking to get into the market we can help you help them with family guarantee loans.

Of course it is a hard time to purchase a new home as open for inspections are closed – but we are still able to get you pre-approval so the minute we can get out there again, you will be ready to go with a step ahead of everyone else!

When we find ourselves with more time on our hands, like a lot of us do now, it can be a good idea to look over your finances (sounds boring we know) BUT if you do a little work, it can save you a lot in the long run.

Have you thought about Refinancing?

It can be worth having a little shop around to see if you could be getting a better rate, or even better features on your loan.

At Clover, we will try negotiating with your lender on a better rate, meaning you will pay less on your home loan each month!

When working out your monthly spending, fixing your rate may be a good option for you! If you fix your rate, you will always know how much each repayment will be until your fixed rate period is over – making it much easier to work out what money you need!

You may have found yourself with suddenly less income than normal too, like so many Victoria’s have, and this can be adding more stress to an already stressful situation.

At Clover we can offer you some advice as to what to do now. There is a lot of information out there in the media and it can feel really overwhelming trying to work out what applies to you, so reach out and we can have a chat about it all!

We are in strange times at the moment that is for sure, but we really believe you can take advantage of this time! Clover is here to help you through this time and offer our services as close to normal as we can 😊
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