First Home Loan Deposit Scheme Extensions

So, the Government announced the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS) a few months ago and we have a few clients at the moment who have the scheme and recently one who just purchased her first home using it…yay!

Since we have a few First Home Buyers who have a spot with the scheme but are yet to purchase – we thought it was best to update everyone on the process of extensions on the FHLDS.

We are able to request an extension on the FHLDS through the lender you have pre-approval with but the two most important things to note are:

1. It is extended for 90 days


2. It can only be extended once

There are only 10,000 places for the FHLDS so it is crucial for all First Home Buyers to get a fair chance of benefiting from the scheme.

Please reach out if you have any more questions or queries about FHLDS – it is an amazing push to get first home buyers into their own home

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