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I have been working on a course that will help you become totally in control of your money. Welcome to the 12 Week Money Makeover. Over 12 weeks, I will work with you personally to learn more about your money, where it goes, where it comes from and how to work on your money mindfulness. I was motivated by my own story or money transformation to create this course and I want you to become Unshakeable with your money too.

It may often start with something small, like a small credit card debt, that then snowballs into something much larger. I want you to gain the knowledge of money to understand how to deal with money stresses.

Each week you will have access to an instructional video, an Information Pack, a Workbook, access to our WealthTracker App and Dig Deep segments. You will also have access to the 12WMM Forum where everyone will share their progress – so we are all on this journey together!

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