Life Changes

After Separation or Divorce

It can be really overwhelming to start again after divorce. We are here with you to help on this journey. You now need to be in complete financial control for now and in planning your future.

Our financial coaching service is available to help you get back on your feet if you need us.
If this has just happened you are probably overwhelmed with where to start so we have outlined some of the basics with some hints on how to get there.

Going from two incomes to one is hard going and unexpected things will pop up all the time.

Start with your financial situation as it is today.

What are your basic living costs?

Don’t trust your estimates – go through your bank statements or contact us and we will use our analysis tools to go through your last six months of spending to help you work it out.
Once you know what you are spending you know where you over spending!

Divide your accounts to separate out what you need for surviving and thriving, and maybe a third for your childrens’ expenses.

Take control of the debt you have in your name and in joint names. Your debts need to be managed even when you are in dispute as lenders will look at your past behaviour so if things are falling apart contact the lenders and talk to them about what arrangements can be made while things are being resolved.

Start planning for the future. Know where you want to be once its all over.
Our Money Coaching will help you get from surviving to thriving.

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Illness and Death

Illness and injury might make it harder to earn an income and pay your bills.
We’re here to help.

You could be entitled to a variety of payments from the government, your employer and your insurance so its worth talking to a financial planner to help get you all the assistance you are entitled to via your super, insurances and government assistance. We can help you

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Setup your finances for the unexpected

It’s hard to predict the future. Setting up comprehensive financial plans is the best way to help ensure you’re protected, should something unexpected happen.


When a family member is terminally ill or passes away you need help to guide you through this difficult process.

Where to start and what to do

When a loved one passes away, the thought of dealing with banking processes and estates can be daunting. To help you out, we’ve outlined the best places to start.

Gatehring information for us to help

  • Relevant government bodies including Medicare, Centrelink, ATO, Australian Electoral Commission, Child Support Services, Veterans’ Affairs, local council, local Post Office and the local library
  • Utilities and housing-related contacts including water, electricity, gas, internet, phone and landlord/tenants
  • Other financial organisations and insurance providers including superannuation funds and funeral bonds providers
  • Vehicle registration and licensing authorities.