Spending during isolation…

Isolation can get very boring that’s for sure…and what do you do when you’re bored? You SPEND!

Online shopping rates are through the roof at the moment with everyone getting their shopping fix online. It has an element of excitement too knowing that there is a package on its way to your house… a little something exciting to be looking forward to in these strange times.

I am without a doubt a culprit of this online shopping…I have 6 packages on the way at the moment and have too many that have arrived to count.

When isolation first started it felt like a little bit of holiday mode – it was a strange new situation full of unknown and with that came a massive shift in all of our spending.

I am sure you would have noticed, like I have, that the money you would normally have spent going out with friends and for food and drinks is now suddenly sitting in your bank account untouched…for now.

It is so tempting when you have a sudden increase in your savings account to treat yourself, and don’t get me wrong, you should give your self some love in these hard times but be mindful. A lot of jobs at the moment are uncertain, and there is so much we don’t know about the future. So my suggestion is to use this time to your advantage! Start to become more mindful and aware of where your money goes. I know I was shocked after just the first week in isolation how much I HADNT spent.

Take the positives from this situation we are in, look over your bank accounts and maybe see if you really need that 5th subscription service and analyse how much money you are actually saving. Increase the amount of money you are putting into your savings after you get payed.

I really want you all to spend the time to reflect on the positive spending habits that you may have gained in this time and really focus on bringing those into post-isolation!


And maybe a note to myself: stop online shopping!!

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