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The Happy Money Journey

Friendly, fearless personal finance advice for women to help make good money decisions and live life on your own terms.

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Let’s talk money

Would you rather tell your friends how many people you have slept with or how much you have in the bank?

If the thought of another money guru telling you what you have done wrong and talking down to you makes you feel like throwing in the towel and hitting the shops with your credit card, then this is the book for you. The Happy Money Journey is a step-by-step guide on how to change your beliefs about money so that you can start making good money decisions and living life on your own terms (and no one else’s!).

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What others say…

“Absolutely FABULOUS! So nice to be spoken to and not at!”


A money guide that speaks your language.

Understand how you spend, save and invest - and how those things build your future.

Phoebe Blamey, a mortgage broker and qualified financial planner from Melbourne with 20 years’ experience in the Australian finance industry created The Happy Money Journey to help you:

  • Understand why you spend your money
  • Save for big purchases
  • Build healthy money habits
  • Protect your future
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    The Happy Money Bundle

    The complete tool kit to kickstarting your money journey. Along with The Happy Money Journey book, get the My Happy Money Journey workbook filled with plenty of handy tips and practical exercises to kickstart your money goals for 2021- and beyond! All for only $34.95. It’s the best value Australian personal finance book bundle on the market. (And that’s a great way to start making smart financial decisions!)

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    Overcome your list of limiting beliefs about money and take on your own happy money journey. Phoebe’s simple and straightforward approach avoids jargon and judgement to give you the answers to all your money questions – How to get out of debt? How much money should I have before I start investing? How to save money as a single woman?

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